Christopher Shelley


  • Web Developer
  • Asia, Europe, Remote


I'm interested in the idea of "ungames", or games with core mechanics removed. It's fun to see what happens.

  • webGL / Unity


An obscure puzzle game that makes you question everything. Made in the vein of traditional japanese puzzle boxes.

  • For Android

Keyboard Olympics

Your whole keyboard is the controller. Play volleyball with a friend! I like the idea of turning the input into the game itself.

  • For Web

Button Museum

A collection of button interactions for game designers to muse over

  • For Web

Emoji Darkly

Randomly generated emojis

  • For Web


build a custom bootstrap website in 10 seconds without touching your keyboard

  • For Web

A clone of the Berlin transport system screens. update: API changed, project dead.

  • For Web

A local social network for your wifi, with no signup

  • For Web


A twitter bot which generates catchy domain names and startup ideas.

  • Twitterbot


An app which extends twitter's usefulness by letting you write tweets longer than 140 characters

  • For Web and Chrome


A quick demo of a reversed game of sokoban ( where you have to make it impossible to win ). I discovered that there really is no such thing as anti-sokoban and it quickly just becomes sokoban again.

  • For Web


Submit yourself to 7 minutes of random exercise every morning. No equipment required.
Use at your own risk.

  • For Android


An offline webapp for building a mindmap (DAG) of notes. Exportable to JSON.

  • For Web

Oriscript Encoder

I invented an origami writing system.
This is an SVG web application for translating it.

  • For Web


A utility application for scheduling daily system notifications.

  • For Mac


A browser plugin for removing facebook from facebook.

  • For Chrome and Firefox


An illustrated manual for building furniture with bottle crates.

  • A Tumblr blog