100basic daily time system of the future "the time is basic"

Time, Easily Quantified

100basic (one hundred basic) is a new time system. Each day is divided into 100 so that you can easily analyse how you spend your time in terms of percentage. Every time the earth spins 360 degrees, 100basic counts to 100.

We exist in time and space. Our experience relies on an understanding of these two fundamental bases. Most countries in the world now use the metric system for measuring things like distance and weight. It is flexible and uniform, which makes it easy to use for calculations and visualising in our minds.

However, our system for measuring time is still stuck in ancient Egypt. We still divide our day into old number groupings (24/60/60) which makes it hard to think about. 100basic is the upgrade.

It is a 'metric' time system, that can be as simple or as precise as you want. Meet a friend at 55, or win the race by 0.000527% (half a second)

The "" symbol is pronounced 'basic' and is used to denote an absolute point in time. eg. 12 o'clock = 50, or '50 basic' . The symbol is an abstraction of the % symbol. Percentage is used to describe a period of time eg. between 20 and 25, 5% passes. 1 hour is roughly 4.16%, and 1 o'clock in the morning is roughly 4.16 .

Whilst I primarily made this as a tool for developing a sense of 'personal time', for the individual to see how they spend their lives in a way that is meaningful, I really encourage groups of people to experiment using it together to organise amongst themselves.

100basic exists 'on top' of the 24 hour system, in terms of when it restarts 'every day', and its time zones etc.

Quantified Self

Quantified Self is a technological movement focused on discovering more about ourselves, our health and our environment. Alot of this information is collected through sensors and apps in smartphones and wearable technology, like smartwatches. This is how you can use 100basic in your life, although the idea is intentionally so simple that you can just use it in your head.

100basic enables us to think about our day in a simple and logical way, much like the metric system helps us think about distances and weights. I consider 100basic to be an expression of Quantified Self, hacking and improving our perception of time. 100basic is perception hacking.

This centenary system makes it trivial to discover information about the day, where before it would be too much hassle to really quantify. For example, I travel to work between 22 and 26, and I travel home between 62 and 66. That means I spend 8% of every workday travelling.

Using and living within 100basic feels like taking a holiday from reality. Indeed, the idea is quite divorced from mainstream culture, and the traditional ways that we think about time. It's hard to appreciate this system's benefits without giving it a try first, so please download the app for your platform (they're all free) and see what you can learn about your day. Load it onto your smartphone or smartwatch, and slip into a new time system.


This is the value of each decimal position percentage.

Use this slider to look up specific times or quantify periods of time in percentage.

From 25 / 6:00 AM , to 50 / 12:00 PM

This period of time is 25% of your day

  • 1 second = roughly 0.001% (of your day)
  • 1 minute = 0.0694% (of your day)
  • 10 minutes = 0.69% (of your day)
  • 1% = 14 minutes
  • 1 hour = 4.16% (of your day)
  • 10% = 2.4 hours
  • 6 o'clock = 25
  • 8 o'clock = 33.3333
  • 12 o'clock = 50
  • 4pm = 66.6666
  • 6pm = 75

24/60/60 >> 100

(note the interesting repeating decimal values)


100 >> 24/60/60

(every 5% is converted into 24-hour time)

100 - 24/60/60
0501:12 AM
1002:24 AM
1503:35 AM
2004:48 AM
2506:00 AM
3007:11 AM
3508:24 AM
4009:36 AM
4510:47 AM
5513:12 PM
6014:23 PM
6515:36 PM
7016:48 PM
7518:00 PM
8019:12 PM
8520:24 PM
9021:36 PM
9522:48 PM

Widgets / Clock Apps

I hope to make 100basic accessible wherever people want to use it.


want to make the app? email me!

Ubuntu / Debian / Linux / RaspberryPi

Working on it!


Somebody is currently working on an iPhone widget.


want to make the app? email me!

Sony Smartwatch (1 & 2)

I just bought one of these and am making the app right now.

Galaxy Fit

want to make the app? email me!


coming soon


I'll be making a widget as soon as widgets are doable on this platform :)


coming soon


This website contains everything you need for learning about and using 100basic from any browser.

windows RT / phone / metro

Coming soon


Coming soon

100basic applications come in two different flavors;

1. Watchfaces / widgets - These are for glancing at to see the time.

2. 100basic 'Quantify' App - This app enables you to keep track of whatever you are doing, and then gives you information past/present/future, and about how you spent your day in terms of percentage.


If you would like to be a guinea pig in this grand time experiment, then please drop your email in the guinea pig box


My name's chris, I call myself a 'system artist'. I like making new systems. If you want to help with 100, to sponsor the project, or just say hi, then please email me.

basiclaser@live.com - official 100basic twitter - my fb - my main website